ERS tools help you restructure resources—people, time, and money—to improve student performance. Created from ERS’ work with districts across the country, these web-based tools help identify opportunities and guide urban leaders in transforming school systems. The tools section of our Library offers self-assessments, analyses, videos, and more. Explore the library »

  • Resource Check »

    The Resource Check suite of tools helps you assess your district’s current resource use.

    Based on ERS’ seven transformational strategies, ERS has developed a series of quick interactive surveys to see how your current resource decisions align with your goals for improving student achievement. Start with Resource Check to get the broadest assessment of your systems resource use and then go deeper with the targeted versions. Learn opportunities for more effective resource choices, then use Hold’em or DREAM to dig deeper.

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  • DREAM »

    DREAM lets you explore new resource options.

    Adjust your district’s key cost levers and instantly see how these changes impact your budget and other measures. DREAM provides recommendations based on ERS’ extensive district experience and database. Consider using Resource Check first to guide your exploration.

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  • School Budget Hold’em »

    School Budget Hold’em helps you change the budget conversation.

    School Budget Hold’em is more than a game. It’s an interactive exploration of the thoughtful trade-offs school administrators must make in these challenging budget times. Each card offers an opportunity to invest or save. Select your budget target and then build your winning hand.

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  • School System 20/20 Online Vision »

    School System 20/20 shows you what transformation can look like.

    The School System 20/20 infographic provides a blueprint for how school systems need to transform to meet the demands of effective education for every student.

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